About us

Who we are

We are Hanna and Jaana, local Finnish women from various fields of profession and involved in many regional activities. We have known each other for several years and have each been thinking about how to open South Karelia sights and local services to tourists. In 2017, we decided to work together and founded our own company Best Guest Finland in order to design and offer cycling holiday packages by utilizing our expertise and local knowledge. We operate in South-Eastern Finland and especially in Lake Saimaa region.

Why we love cycling

Both of us being cycling enthusiasts, we ourselves are convinced that travelling is most intense and adventurous on the bike. This active kind of travel is not only healthy, fun and good for nature, your body and mind but it also gives you the chance to discover a country individually and as close as possible to its natural surroundings as well as to its local population and culture.

What we stand for

Our company’s name, Best Guest Finland, tells you about the business idea to focus attention on our customers and to treat them with the region’s characteristic hospitality as our best guests. One of our primary values is to take care of our guests in the best way possible and to introduce you to the beauty of South Finland’s nature, culture and tradition.

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