Cycling Holidays & Excursions


It is also about experiencing beautiful landscapes and exploring the local culture. Learn about our themes and route information of the bike tours and holidays around Lake Saimaa and along Finland's Eastern border. Check out the cycling holiday packages, you see them all below!

Country holiday by bicycle

390 € / person On Country Holiday you can explore the traditional countryside in Parikkala, near the Russian border in an...
1-4 persons
2 Bedrooms
Pets allowed
1-4 persons
4 days
From early spring to late autumn
Meals according to product description

Cycling along the Iron Curtain Trail in South-East Finland

Bicycle route through the centuries old eastern and western border region in South Eastern Finland.
2-6 persons
6 days
From late April to mid September.
Breakfast and programmed meals are included.

Bicycle+Boat holiday on Lake Saimaa

690 € / person The highlight of this tour is to spend one night aboard on a small island in Lake Saimaa!
2-10 persons
4 days
During summer months- availability is shown on the calendar.
Breakfast and programmed meals are included.

Guided daytour to Svetogorsk, Russia

Take a bike tour with tour guide in the neighboring town of Imatra in Svetogorsk, Russia. NOTE! This tour is...
4-8 persons
Summer season
Visiting in restaurant with the guide, participants pay for their own meals.

Step on a swamp

Have you ever tried walking on the softest nature path?
1-20 persons
Outdoor snack and coffee/tea on open fire

Snowshoeing on ancient shores, Imatra

Snowshoeing at ancient shores, Imatra, Lammassaari
1-10 persons
Outdoor meal included

Snowshoeing through the woods to rapids, Ruokolahti

Snowshoeing day and warm lunch around the fire, Myllykoski, Ruokolahti
1-10 persons
Winter time
Outdoor meal included

Berry picking trip

Get to know the edible berries of Finnish forests and pick-up your super food
1-20 persons
Outdoor snack and coffee/tea on open fire

Mushrooms trip

Find the treasures of South Karelia’s forests
1-20 persons
Outdoor snack and coffee/tea on open fire

Outdoor food

Food tastes better outdoors, try geofood
4-15 persons
Meals are planned by seasonal products
Outdoor meal