Country holiday


On our cycling holidays in the countryside, you can live authentically on an old, traditional farm with Jaana and her husband and from there start your cycling tours in the rural environment near the Russian border. At Jaana's you can discover Finnish country life, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden and experience the Finnish culture together with your hosts. In the surrounding villages there are many cultural and historical sights and interesting people to visit, such as a Finnish artist who has his home and atelier in the middle of a forest. In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the farm there are rocks from the Ice Age, one of the most beautiful beaches in Finland which invites you to linger and you can even swim in a lake that partly belongs to Russia. In the evening you can use the Finnish sauna to warm up and relax.

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Country holiday by bicycle

390 € / person On Country Holiday you can explore the traditional countryside in Parikkala, near the Russian border in an...
1-4 persons
2 Bedrooms
Pets allowed
1-4 persons
4 days
From early spring to late autumn
Meals according to product description