We are local

We live and work in different municipalities in South Karelia. We know nature, the roads, trails and attractions as well facilities in our region and have a good network of local service providers. We know what is worth showing you and what is happening here. We are a local operator and we co-operate with other local service providers.

Our goal is to provide our guest a chance to take part in Finnish life style, visit local small enterprises or local homes. You are served regular healthy Finnish food, which can be partly straight from  nature. If you wish, you can take part in current daily work with your host, for example in garden work, picking berries and mushrooms and cooking a meal with fresh local ingredients.

We favor slow travel

On Best Guest tours you can travel at your own pace so you can decide yourself which speed is most comfortable for you. We want you to enjoy your tour, take your time and relax instead of hurry from one place to the next. Time tables are flexible, so you can stop at interesting spots as long as you want (within some limits).

We hope to help provide you a peaceful mind and good feeling with our unhurried daily programs. In the evening, when your muscles are sore from bike riding, you can relax them the Finnish way in sauna. By the end of your holiday you may have become an expert in sauna culture or at least learn to love Finnish sauna.

We love nature

Nature is important for us, just as for the Finnish in general. We would like to offer you an intense experience of Finnish nature and especially its main elements, diverse forests and numerous clear lakes. In nature you can experience bird singing, wind sighing and smell the aromas of the typical pine forests. Various different berries and mushrooms wait in our forests to be picked by you during the season. Finnish “everyman rights” authorize everyone to have a share in the natural wealth and to collect these delicacies as long as no damage is caused to nature.

We promote sustainabilty

Awareness about the environment is very important for us. We try to act as sustainable as we can by

  • promoting bike riding and utilizing public transport
  • emphasizing renewable natural resources
  • aiming to produce as little waste as possible
  • acting in nature without leaving any mark
  • favouring local products and services


We kindly ask you to support us in these principles in order to protect our most fragile and valuable wealth, nature.

We offer personal service

Best Guest’s concept is based on individual tour designing and a personal and warm relation to our guests. We welcome you personally and take care of a smooth and trouble-free course of your tour. We support you in case of problems, our goal being to play a part in contributing to a perfectly relaxing holiday with only good experiences, good feelings and joy. We cooperate with local experts and inhabitants and organize visits to local spots where you can directly interact with them, which makes our tours an especially authentic and individual experience. 

We prioritize safety

Our guests’ safety is of major importance for us. This is why we carefully designed the routes which we offer to you and tested them in advance. They are usually on routes with low traffic volume and are in good condition and of high quality. We give our customers advice on how to cycle safely and offer safe bicycles with safety equipment. In case of trouble we support you in the best way possible. 

Find further safety advice in our travel information!