Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Booking Terms

Requests and bookings can be made either via the contact formula on bestguestfinland.fi or via email to booking@bestguestfinland.fi. When receiving a booking order, we start arranging accommodations and service elements for our customer. The customer will be contacted via email as fast as possible and will receive an individualized offer. This offer can then be accepted or declined by replying to our email. At this point the customer can also request changes to the suggested tour (see also “Modifications of the tour”). As soon as the customer confirms the offer, the booking fee becomes due and is to be paid to Best Guest Finland immediately via invoice (see also “Payment terms”).

2. Changes

2.1 Changes by the customer

Changes of or additions to the services or the itinerary of the tour can be requested by the customer at any point before and during the tour. The operator will check their availability and organize these for the customer if possible. We always try our best to incorporate these changes into the tour and make all necessary arrangements with our service providers. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee the realization of these changes as they depend on availabilities. Please note that alternative or additional services or changes of the itinerary may entail additional costs for the customer which depend on the price for the additional or alternative service and any additional expenses for the operator.

2.1 Changes by the operator

When necessary, the operator has the right to make modifications to the services and accommodations included in the tour as long as these modifications are minor (i.e. they do not change the quality and character of the tour substantially) and are replaced by such of at least equivalent quality without changes in the total package price.

3. Payment Terms

3.1 Booking fee

The booking fee amounts to 20 % of the total tour price and shall be paid by the customer at the moment of booking.

3.2 Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded and in effect immediately after the operator’s offer has been accepted, the payment of the booking fee has been made by the customer and has reached the operator. By paying the booking fee, the main booker as well as all other persons included in the booking, hereafter referred to as “co-travellers” are bound to the contract.

3.3 Payment of package price

The main booker is responsible for all other co-travellers and it is his or her obligation to inform the latter about these terms and conditions and to ensure the timely and complete payment of the booking fee as well as the total package price. The main booker is liable to the operator for any costs of the tour. The total package price shall be paid no later than 28 days before the start of the tour.

4. Cancellation Terms

4.1 Basis of the package price

Package prices as indicated in € on our website are calculated based on a specific group size and therefore depend on the number of participants. As some of the price elements (such as prices for a boat transfer) are split up between group members, the total price may vary in case of a reduction or expansion of the group size. In case one or several group members cancel the tour, the total package price will thus rise for the remaining group member(s).

4.2 Cancellation prior to beginning of the tour

In case the tour is cancelled by the customer, the following regulations shall apply, depending on the number of days before the start of the tour (days measured from the day that the cancellation has reached us):

  • Up to 28 days prior to the beginning of the tour: Best Guest keeps the booking fee of 20% of the total package price as a compensation for arrangements and office work which has already been done.
  • Up to 8 days prior to the beginning of the tour: 50% of the total tour price will be returned to the customer
  • 7-0 days or no show: No return payment can be effected to the customer

4.3 Cancellation during the tour

Both parties (the operator and the customer) have the right to cancel the tour in case of force majeure, including natural disasters or war. Nevertheless, the customer is not entitled to refund in this case. The operator then has the right to change itinerary and/or accommodations.

4.3.1 Rights and Responsibilities of the operator

The operator has the right to cancel the tour if the customer is obviously not capable physically or mentally of cycling a bicycle, be it as result of the consumption of alcohol or drugs, temporary or persistent mental disorder or health issues, as long as these clearly impede the capacity of cycling safely. An ongoing tour might also be cancelled by the operator in case the customer handles bikes and equipment carelessly or does not respect the advice given by the operator or any service provider partaking in the package tour. These reasons do not entitle the customer to any payments of compensation or reductions of the paid sum for the package tour.

In case of severe weather conditions inappropriate for the completion of certain services, the tour operator may organize alternative services to be utilized by the customer. The operator also has the right to cancel or change the tour substantially in case weather conditions make this necessary. In this case the operator is responsible to either offer an alternative route or to return payments which the customer has accomplished for cancelled services.

4.3.2 Rights and Responsibilities of the customer

The customer has the right to cancel the tour if it differs substantially from what has been agreed on concerning the services on the route for which the operator or any service provider is responsible. In this case, the customer is entitled to full refund of his expenses as long as the customer immediately informs the operator about the errors. In case of weariness, injury or lack of motivation on behalf of the customer and the resultant wish or need to cancel the ongoing tour, the customer is not entitled to receive a refund or compensation for undrawn benefits or futile spent vacation time.

5. Customers’ responsibilities and liabilities

5.1 Before the tour

The customer is advised to organize necessary travel documents, medicine, (travel) insurance which also covers cancellation costs, all equipment needed for the tour and not included in the package and also to check their health and fitness to accomplish the challenges of the tour. The customer is responsible for choosing an adequately demanding tour which does not surpass the physical ability of any of the group members. The operator cannot be made responsible for issues resulting from the neglect of any of these responsibilities and does not carry any costs for these.

5.2 Risks and responsibilities in case of accidents

The customer takes part in the tour at their own risk and is responsible for him- or herself as well as children under the age of 18 travelling with them. He or she is aware that accidents (including falling, traffic accidents, violence, accidents due to technical issues as well as acute and chronic illnesses) may happen when cycling. All costs resulting from accidents must be covered by the customer. Therefore, it is advisable for the customer to arrange for adequate insurance coverage prior to the holiday. The operator is neither responsible nor liable in case of personal injury but must provide assistance when being educated about a customer’s accident, for example by giving information about the nearest hospital. Costs thereby incurred on behalf of the operator are to be covered by the customer. We provide basic first aid kits free of charge for customers who rent a bicycle from us.

5.3 During the tour

5.3.1 Identification and security

At the start of the tour, the customer must present a valid ID-card or similar proof of identity as well as a credit card which will be copied and kept until the departure of the customer and the return of the complete equipment which was handed out to him or her.

5.3.2 Customers’ liability for operator’s belongings

The customer is liable for all objects (including bicycles, equipment and other things) handed out to him/her by the operator and shall return these to the operator or responsible service providers complete and in an orderly and functional state immediately at the end of the tour. The customer is responsible for always locking bicycles to fixed objects. He or she is liable for broken, lost or stolen bicycles and other objects belonging to the operator up to a total of 500 €.

5.3.3 Liability for luggage

The luggage carried on the tour as well as that transported by us is not covered by insurance unless the customer has concluded an extra luggage insurance. The operator is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of luggage.

6. Behaviour, communication and complaints

6.1 Behaviour and advice 

The customer shall behave in a way compliant with the local law and conduct. The customer is aware that cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and refrains from doing so as well as to arrange for his or her co-travellers to comply with this prohibition.

The operator will give advice to the extend of his or her ability and the customer is expected to follow this advice as well as inform him- or herself of all advice and information given on the operator’s website and comply with it as well as to instruct co-travellers on this information. The customer is liable for any costs or damages which result from his or her disregard of these instructions.

6.2 Communication during the tour

The customer shall be approachable during his or her tour via mobile phone and should inform the operator of up-to-date contact number before the start of the tour. The customer is responsible to reload the phone battery regularly.

6.3 Complaints

In case of any deficiency of the tour or its related services, the customer shall immediately inform the operator about the nature of these so that the latter has the chance to resolve the relevant issue or deficiency already during the tour. Claims are to be turned in to the operator in written form within 2 months after the end of the tour.

7. Included and excluded services and equipment

7.1 Included in the tour price

Our bicycle package tours include all accommodations and services mentioned on our website as well as carefully planned routes, route maps in electronic form and support via telephone between 8 am and 8 pm. Our customers are provided with a basic bicycle repair set free of charge.

The accommodations included in our tours are of middle standard and may include physical facilities separated from the sleeping room as well as shared bathrooms with other customers or hosts. Some of our accommodations are supplied by private service suppliers.

7.2 Not included in the tour price

7.2.1 Technical support and maintenance

Technical support, for example help on bike or equipment maintenance as well as transportation services apart from luggage transport can be provided by the operator or selected service providers for an additional fee. We recommend our customers to be able to fix a broken tire or chain which has fallen off so as to safe additional fees and the time it will take for the operator to arrive and repair such minor maintenance issues.

7.2.2 Flights and transport

Our packages do not include flights or other means of transport to, at and from the destination. Thus, the customer is responsible for travel and its related costs. The operator is not responsible for problems connected to the customer’s transportation to and from the bicycle holiday neither is he liable for costs arising from means of transport or as a result of possible delays of the customer.

7.2.3 Meals, drinks and activities

As well, activities like guided tours, drinks and meals (besides breakfast) are not included in the tour packages unless specifically mentioned and can be purchased separately.