Rastiniemi, Saimaa Geopark

New activities on Best Guest Finland

Starting with this summer you can add guided nature tours on your biking trip or choose just to discover the nature and geological attraction by hiking.

Hi over there Best Guests,

Are you planning to visit Finland? Lakeland should be a must on your bucket list!

Finland has over 188.000 lakes and around 180.000 islands, many of them located on Saimaa area. Saimaa lake is the biggest in Finland and the forth large in Europe. Saimaa lake has the purest water in the world, so would you like to have a swim and to try the famous Finnish sauna.

The area is covered with forest and an impressive flora, so taking a hike with me will enrich your mind with nice views, fill your body with fresh air and will disconnect you from daily thinking. More than that, depending on time of the year, we can pick up wild herbs, berries or mushrooms.

Lakes and forest are breath taking, but the mystical part of Lake land is given by all the remains of Ice Age Era, which can be visited in our days. I organize geological tours around Saimaa lake, so be prepared to take a seat and enjoy a nice cup of coffee on 1,900 million years old rock or to admire over 4000 years old rock paintings.  I will explain you how all the changes happened billion years ago and how the places were formed and we can think together what changes are coming.

Are you questioning what is Finns secret of happiness? For sure the amazing nature what surrounds all the country is a part of it. It is not a secret anymore that forest walks are having amazing effects on our wellbeing.

These places are amazing, and I can speak for days about the beauty of Finnish nature, but I am sure that you would like to know who is going to guide and plan your time of making memories. I am a nature lover and I like exploring, so maybe curiosity is my word.  I knew from a small age that nature is part of my life and all I wanted was to be around it. I was born and I grew up in Romania and our family’s quality time was spent in the nature, hiking and sometimes sleeping outdoor. Now, as a grown-up, my main childhood memories are about the mountain trips, the sunrises on the sea beach, the fishing trips with my dad or the Sunday walks around the near nature. Spending my time outdoor I realized that nature needs a right treatment and peoples help as long we are living together. So, I studied and graduated as a forestry engineer, specialized in forest treatments and well growing. My studying plan brought me to Finland because I was so curios to learn more about forestry in the most forested country of Europe. I was myself a “tourist” experiencing and enjoying Finnish nature, fact that make me to want to share it with others. And then I became a nature guide, your nature guide. I have experience in organizing trips and outdoor events from couples or families to big size groups and my joy is to see in the end of the day them smiling. All I wish for you is to make life memories for yourself or together with your loved ones on the time when you are visiting Saimaa’s nature.

Until we see and have a nice cup of tea on Saimaa’s view, let’s keep us safe and healthy.


From Saimaa’s nature with love,

Nature guide Larisa