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The yard of a Finnish farmhouse includes a row of ‘aitta’. Even in the light summer night you sleep well in the aitta. Come and try!



From early days on, Finnish farms have included a row of Aittas (granaries) in the yard near the farmhouse. Originally, the Aitta was born of the need to store goods. Warehouses were built as separate buildings because the residential buildings were small.

There were several granaries for many different purposes: for grain, meat and garments. As families used to be big and the rooms of the dwelling house were crowded, in summer time these small huts were also used as accommodation, providing extra space and privacy for younger family members. According to folklore stories, young people had more freedom from the strict control of their parents in summer, when spending nights in the Aitta…

In the Finnish countryside, this traditional kind of building is still being used as a sleeping place even today. Often the old granaries have been renovated to cozy bedrooms for the summertime. Because there is usually no window, the Aitta stays nice and cool and keeps the light off in short midsummer nights.

Note that amenities like bathroom and toilet are in the main house in the farm yard and shared with your hosts. Breakfast is served in the kitchen of your host or in a summer kitchen in the yard on warm summer days.

The Aitta, a simple but charming accommodation is a living tradition in the Finnish countryside. We offer tours which include nights in these cozy rooms, especially in our Country Holiday Package on Jaana's Farm.