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Strange year 2020

At Best Guest, we were preparing for this year with the highest expectations until ...

In March, the covid-19 epidemic also reached Finland. After weeks of embarrassment and uncertainty, as summer approaches here in the north as well, the restrictions on movement will begin to be lifted  According to current information, Finland's borders are still closed to tourists the next months, unfortunately.

We hope for the health and resilience of our international friends in different countries, we fight together against an invisible enemy. Go outdoors and mve around safely in your own environment and in your own country, if possible.

Why not to plan trips for the future, it can even cheer up your mind!

The epidemic may continue for a long time to come, but when traveling is possible, we will invite you here in the middle of pure nature, where there are no crowds of people. The new concept ‘uncongested tourism’freally fits to our bicycling holidays.

In the Saimaa lake area and the rural areas of Eastern Finland, cycling independently with one's own group, visits to small private accommodation establishments and exploring natural sights is as safe as it can be in this situation.

Pre-planned routes and reservations made for you make the journey easy to go. You will ride cycling at your own pace and we will advise you on places of interest where you should stop. Cycling is ecological, you get a good feeling from exercise and beautiful scenery.

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Welcome to Best Guest when possible <3