Our bikes and routes


The cycling tours which we offer are basically self-guided, which means that we design, organize and offer cycling packages and give you the chance to experience South Finland among your friends, family or alone, instead of in groups of unknown people. Our holiday packages are perfect for you, if you would like to discover Finland’s natural, cultural and historical wealth actively and at your own pace rather than being bound to a predefined time-table. We use our profound knowledge together with our passion for cycling and our local network of service providers to combine suitable bike routes with interesting sights and diverse activities on the way in order to establish a comfortable basis for your individual experiences. 


In case you do not have an own bike with you, we can rent one for you at a local bike rental.

Rental price for bicycles per person: 25 € for the first day and 15 € for each additional day. Price per week: 90 €.

All our bikes are equipped with the parts that you need for a comfortable and safe ride and they are always checked before your journey. We will provide you with a basic maintenance set and can advise you on fixing techniques, so you can fix small issues, like a flat tire, easily. If there should be major issues during your tour, you can always contact us between 8 am and 8 pm and we will help you fixing the bike for a service fee.


If you bring extra luggage to Finland which you do not need during your daily cycling tours, you can leave it with us and we will bring it to the place you need it. Our luggage transport service is included in most of our tour packages and enables you to cycle freely and enjoy the lightness of life.


At the start of your trip you will be given an individual map of your route, accommodation(s) and sights. We will provide you detailed information on the type and condition of the roads you will be following and on  interesting places on the way. You will be given both a print map and a mobile version of your map, which you can use with your smartphone on the way. For this purpose, we can lend out a phone mount to fix your phone securely on the bike and to be able to follow the route easily while cycling. Remember to recharge your phone at your accommodations. To avoid disorientation caused by empty mobile phone batteries we can lend you an extra power bank if needed.

In case you still get lost on the route or cannot find a place, you can call us daily between 8 am and 8 pm and we will be glad to give you advice and support you to get on the right track again!