Cycling and Safety

Best Guest routes...

... are designed on peaceful roads as much as possible. Only short sections may be directed on busy roads if there is no alternative. Luckily, here in the rural parts of Finland, there is usually very low traffic. Still, please pay attention, especially when vehicles pass or you need to cross a busy road. 

Speed and distance... 

... must be adjusted to traffic volume and density. Always cycle on the right side of the road and when travelling in a group, please keep in line and leave enough distance to the bike ahead of you.

Observing the traffic

Stay alert at all times. Look ahead and don’t use your mobile phone or camera when you are riding a bicycle. Tell other traffic participants by means of hand signals when you are going to turn or stop. Ring the bell to gain attention to other people on roads and paths.


According to Finnish road traffic law, cyclists must wear a suitable helmet when riding a bike. We can borrow you a helmet if you do not want to bring yours in order to safe space in your luggage. Please tell us in advance.

Be visible to motorists

Wear brightly coloured sportswear on the road, so that motorists can notice you more easily. In addition, we will provide safety vests for our guests’ safety.

When accidents happen

Whenever you need support, please feel free to call us anytime in case of urgent matters using the phone number which we will provide at the beginning of your holiday. In case of serious accidents call 112, answer the questions and follow the instructions you are given.
Smaller scratches should be taken care of away from the road area – so as to prevent more serious accidents. 
We always provide our guests with first aid accessories inside a bike case.

We recommend to install the application “112 Suomi” on your mobile phone. With this app you can have direct contact to the rescue centre and it also automatically tells your exact coordinates to the ambulance service.

Health insurance

The Finnish healthcare system provides necessary medical care for tourists under the same conditions as for Finnish citizens, if you have EHIC-card (European Healthcare Card, can be obtained in your home country). Please check well in advance, whether your domestic health insurance covers healthcare services in Finland. We recommend our customers to conclude an extra personal travel insurance for private healthcare services and return trip arrangements if necessary.