Guided daytour to Svetogorsk, Russia

Guided daytour to Svetogorsk, Russia

Karhusuontie 1, 55610 Imatra

4-8 persons
Summer season
Visiting in restaurant with the guide, participants pay for their own meals.

Take a bike ride in Russia

Imatra's nearest neighboring town of Svetogorsk is only a few kilometers away, but there is a carefully guarded border in between. The center of Svetogorsk and perhaps a little of the environment can be seen within a few hours by bike. There are restaurants and shops in the town center. We recommend to have a guide who is fluent in Russian language and familiar with the history and the present of the region.

Cyclists cross the border quickly past the queues.

You must have a Visa to Russia

Travelers to Russia must have a visa! For a visa, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

How to get Visa to Russia

The electronic visa application form is filled in directly on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry (in English). An e-visa will be sent to the e-mail confirmation where you can download and print or save the e-visa document (pdf document) to your smartphone. This e-visa document should be shown to the transport company drivers (buses, ships, etc.) and to the border authorities.

More information in English on the website of Embassy of Russia in Finland.

Help with visa

If you wish, we can easily order your e-visa for you and deliver the completed e-visa as you wish. The price of the service is 35 €.

Travel insurance certificate

You must have valid travel insurance when traveling to Russia. Keep your travel insurance certificate with you at all times. Certificate of insurance company in Finnish, English or Russian (A4) with logo or stamp. The insurance covers the cost of sudden illness, the cost of transporting the deceased, the duration of the visa. The insurance certificate must include the passenger's name, such as his passport, date of birth, insurance number, period of validity and validity, the contents of the insurance policy and the name of the person issuing the certificate.

Not available in summer 2021. The border to Russia is closed because of Covid-19.


  • Distance to airport: 40 km
  • Distance to train station: 10 km
  • Distance to bus station: 10 km
  • Distance to nearest city: 0 km
  • Distance to border crossing point: 0 km
  • Nearest border crossing: Imatra-Svetogorsk
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Karhusuontie 1, 55610 Imatra

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